How to configure SquidVideoBooster with pfSense.

With SquidVideoBooster plug-in, your pfSense Squid Proxy Server will be able to automatically cache web Videos, Music, Images, Libraries and CDNs including YouTube, Facebook, DailyMotion, Vimeo, Vevo, Google Maps & Apps, Apple, Tumblr, Windows Updates, Androïd, Amazon, Instagram, Blogspot, Anti-Virus, etc...
Note: Without any valid license (no Activation Code) SquidVideoBooster plug-in be running in trial mode for 30 days.
Step 1 - Download SquidVideoBooster for pfSense
  • Untar the package to the folder "/usr/local/etc/squid"
  • Verify permissions are 0755
Stepg 2 - Open pfSense web console
  • Go to System - Package Manager, verify Squid package is 2.7, 3.4 or 3.5 and install it
  • Go to Services - Squid Proxy Server - Local Cache and define
    • Hard Disk Cache Size
    • Hard Disk Cache System, we advise storage system AUFS
    • Enable Caching Dynamic Content (bottom of the page)
Step 3 - Additional settings with Squid Proxy Server to implement SquidVideoBooster
  • Add those lines in the Custom refresh_patterns (with pfSense + Squid 3.5)
### Global Settings
client_dst_passthru off
host_verify_strict off
memory_cache_mode disk
reload_into_ims on
refresh_all_ims on
buffered_logs on
strip_query_terms off
### ACL HTTP Codes NoCache
acl httpmisshit http_status 301
acl httpmisshit http_status 302
acl httpmisshit http_status 403
acl httpmisshit http_status 503
acl httpmisshit http_status 504
store_miss deny httpmisshit
send_hit deny httpmisshit
### StoreId Object Rules
acl storeidgetmethod method GET
store_id_access allow storeidgetmethod
store_id_access deny all
store_id_bypass on
store_id_program /usr/local/etc/squid/ut-squidbooster -out 0 -cout 300 -r -i -g -q -ytd -ytis 
store_id_children 8 startup=2 idle=2 concurrency=64
refresh_pattern -i ^http:\/\/.*\.unveiltech\.internal\/.* 7560 100% 10080 ignore-reload ignore-no-store ignore-private ignore-auth ignore-must-revalidate override-expire override-lastmod
Original code
  • Do not forget to click 'Save' button !
  • Go to Services - Squid Proxy Server - General and select Enable Squid Proxy
Available parameters with SquidVideoBooster
-v : Open a terminal window and type "ut-squidbooster -v" to display the version.
-2 : Enable the compatibility with Squid 2.7
-i : Improve the Generic Patterns to take care tons of new websites, New !
-g : Enable the Global Generic Patterns.
-r : Enable the Squid Concurrency (
-l /path/folder : Logs folder

Example: "-l /var/squid/logs" (if your Squid log files are there). Go to the "/var/squid/logs", create a file "ut-squidbooster.log" and verify the owner is the same account than your Squid ("squid" or "proxy") depending your compilation.

-c : Licensing is done with an Activation Code.

Once you get an Activation Code, use this parameter. Example: "-c XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX" (replace "XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX" by your Activation Code you will receive from the online shop)

-shakir : This option will de-duplicate with a special pattern. Take care, speedtest gauge will not reflect your regular latency (Ping) and Download.
-ytd : This option will de-duplicate YouTube Downloader tools like "Free YouTube Downloader".
Example of settings you can use with pfSense Squid Proxy Server
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